Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Lair East Labs Accelerator invest in each company and what are some of the benefits?​

- Funding of $50,000 USD for each portfolio company in exchange for 5% equity 

- Legal assistance for company formation and IP protection steps 

- Incubator Space available in SoHo, New York and Beijing, China for each team

- Weekly Speaker Series and Talks on Launching, Managing, and Growing Early- Stage Startups

- Office hours with Lair East Labs Management Team and Mentor Network

- Workshops from our Partnerships

- $350K+ of Free hosting credits with major cloud providers, developer tools, product development platforms, office space etc. 

What makes Lair East Labs Different?

In many ways we are a startup like yourselves. We are entrepreneurs looking to fund entrepreneurs. Some of us have done even two startups. As founders ourselves, we know that running your own company is a very different lifestyle and we know your pain-points. We want our portfolio companies to succeed. First and foremost, we want our founders to build a great company culture. Secondly, to build a great product. Thirdly, to create a successful, sustainable, and healthy company. Last but not the least, to help our companies raise financing funds. 

What does a regular day look like at lair east labs?

Every day is a working day. There are no holidays when you are in this accelerator. Every day that you are NOT working on your startup is a day lost. There will be 2-3x a week where all the teams are obligated to participate. This can range from our mandatory roundtable dinner session, workshop, prototype day, etc. You can utilize our co-working space that we provide for you or feel free to work anywhere you feel most comfortable. All we ask is that you show up for our mandatory events.

How do I apply for the Lair East Labs Accelerator Winter 2019 Batch?

S18 Applications are now closed for submissions! Stay tuned for our W19 Application! Our application can be found across different platforms - F6S, Gust, and AngelList.

Are you looking for a particular stage company?

We are looking for early-stage companies whose founders are passionate about their companies and have a clear vision for its future.

What kind of companies can apply and what do we look for?

Most of our portfolio companies will be software or software-related in some way, and may be either B2B or B2C focused. With that said, in each of our batch, we've invested in hardware companies. We are also on the look-out for some blockchain and AI-focused companies so we welcome you to apply!

Do you require a certain number of founders? Do I need a technical co-founder?

No, we do not. However, we do have a strong preference for two to three person teams, which one of them should be a strong technical cofounder.

Are we required to locate the company into your space for the program?

Yes, our program is residential so we ask your main core team to be in NYC for the program. Very rarely do we give exceptions.

Our startup is not based in the United States. Should we still apply?

Yes, you most certainly should! Please note that we will not be providing Visa's to any founder so please take care of those before you join the accelerator if you are accepted to the program.

Do you sign NDAs?

No, we do not.


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